Some interesting realizations at the gym this morning

This morning:

  • 15 minutes of yoga to stretch out, focused on hips, thighs & upper back
  • 10 minutes of brisk walk at 2.0 incline to warm up
  • 45 minutes of circuit strength training
  • 17 minutes of C25K, W2D1. Stopped cause my fussy right ankle sprained mid-stride and was too tender to put weight on

I haven’t worked out as much as I like so was feeling a tad wimpy. However, I did have a few interesting moments of realization:

  • I have finally learned how to focus and isolate – actually use the right muscle. For example, with a bench press I’m not pushing the bar with my hands, I’m using chest and shoulders to press the weight. It’s making a big difference in my strength and form.
  • I’m learning the difference between “tired” and “hmm, that doesn’t feel right“.
  • I’m not always immediately hungry after working out. I think it’s a knee-jerk reaction, my psychological coping mechanism kicking in.”Oh you worked hard – let’s eat something!” I stopped for a tuna unwich but didn’t want it once I started eating it. I put it away and ate about an hour later when I really was hungry.

I’m not to upset on not completing W2D1. I was jogging pretty darn well but hips/knees were odd. It was most likely from doing leg work right before cardio.  I’ll repeat W2D1 on Tuesday and own it 🙂

My mad time management skillz?

 …ain’t so mad!  Turns out that Fridays is the “due date” for one of my classes rather than Sunday as I had thought. So instead of being ‘ahead’, I’m merely ‘caught up’. Ugh!

So I spend a good chunk of my Sunday getting work events, holidays, and assignments entered into my planner, then working up a schedule.

  • Up at 8:30am
  • Yoga 30min
  • Breakfast, watch/listen to news, check emails/Facebook 30min
  • Read, study, assignments 9:30am-12pm
  • Lunch 30min
  • Great ready for work 12:30pm
  • Work 2pm-10:30pm – taking laptop so I can study during dinner break
  • Gym after work 30-45min
  • Bed by 12am

And yeah, if you look at the time stamp, you’ll notice that I’m an hour behind –I forgot to actually turn on my alarm last night! but woke up at my usual time 🙂

Peeks up from behind my computer

Is it safe to come out? are the holidays over? Whew!

Let me put it this way – Working retails certainly gives you a different perspective of the holidays LOL ’nuff said.

Ok, so we’re past the ridiculous overtime, the onslaught of way too yummy holiday food, and unrelenting stress. So let’s take stock:

  • I’m really dehydrated. From meds for the sinus issues, to our ever changing weather, to bad food choices, I’m feeling really dry and creaky.
  • My body needs to move and sweat! I haven’t been to the gym in 2 weeks. Today was the first day I’ve done yoga in a week.
  • It was a bad pain day. I was having spasms from neck to knees. The yoga helped, but I relented and took a pain pill.
  • Gut in not happy. The bread… the pasta… the cheese… the spicy stuff… yeah, an unhappy gut is not good for a Bombshell.

So I’m sooooooooo ready to set some January Goals!!! YAY!!!

  • Gym! will be meeting up with Trainer on Saturday. In the meantime I’ll be getting in some quality time with the treadmill and rowing machine.
  • Whole30! what better way to get my gut happy, clear up my skin, brighten my eyes, shine my hair, boost my energy, than to get some good healthy clean food in my system.
  • Biggest Loser! work is starting up another Biggest Loser next week. I want to try and lose what I gained in December. I don’t care about winning but I love the accountability.
  • School! I’ll need to get and keep myself organized if I want to be successful.

Super FriSatDay!

My Friday was so pleasant I could have happily gone back to work today LOL I was just so refreshed, energized, and happy 🙂

So what got me there?

  • I got my shots! I have been unable to find my childhood immunization records so I haven’t been able to register for classes. I had to pay out of pocket, plus I needed to be over the sinus plague, so this has been something that has unfortunately been delayed many times. The nurses at the Health Department told me to move my arms to help the shots disperse. I asked about going to the gym later in the day and was told that was an excellent idea. Whew! I did end up taking some Tylenol before bed as I felt a smidge sore and feverish.
  • Yoga book! I wanted a book that would  give me good photos and information on poses (where I’m supposed to be pressing/pushing/opening, what muscles to activate, etc) plus flow sequences. I think this one may do the trick, The Women’s Health Big Book of Yoga. I actually bought the paperback book so I could have it on the floor by my mat.
  • 2.5 hours at the gym! My trainer got delayed so instead of coming home I got in some cardio (treadmill and bike), then worked 2 circuits on the machines. To make up for his being late, he gave me more than hour so I actually racked up 2 and 1/2 hours at the gym – WOOF!
  • Lamb chops for dinner!  not something I would eat every week but damn, they are yummy! I marinate them in olive oil, salt, pepper, rosemary and a little tarragon. Throw them in a cast iron skillet to get a good crust then gobble them down!

And today?

  • Lower BMI!!!  Checked my BMI using the Wii and while still Obese, I am at a significantly lower number. I was 43.45 and now 40.51! YES!!!
  • New workout pants – Comfy and don’t look too shabby 😛
  • The Diet Cure book – I read about this on a /r/xxfitness thread, and thought I’d give it a read. Hopefully it will provide some relief for my horrible sugar addiction. I’ve had some good result cutting wheat and limiting my dairy, I know if I could get rid of the excess sugar I’ll feel even better. I downloaded the Nook version.
  • Back in the gym tonight – Eager to see what I can do tonight.
  • Will start working out before work – my trainer is being absolutely awesome and flexible with my work schedule. We’re going to try meeting up about 2 hours before I go to work. I’ll pack a bag and shower/change at the gym.
  • Getting a game plan for the week worked out – with the above new workout schedule I will have to be organized. Plus I want to get my meals cooked & organized. I ate out far too much last week.

Keeping my gym bag in the car

Just in case. Day 2 of my evening class and my feet/legs were killing me. No way I could have done anything at the gym. I’m doing 30-45mins of yoga at home before work, but really wanted some strength training & cardio after work. Facilitating this class is just too physically draining. However, I am keeping my packed gym bag packed & in the car. If I adjust, and feel up to it, then I’ll be ready 🙂

Lazy Sunday

I completely crashed when I got home from S & D’s engagement luncheon. I drove home via a leisurely drive down A1A, shared my leftover fish with Geisha-kitty then got in some serious sleep on the couch. Now I’m trying to stay awake to watch new episode of ‘Venture Brothers‘. I knew I was tired from the six straight days of work but damn!

Monday will be filled with yoga & chores to make up for today 🙂

Steps in the right direction

This morning I was up before the alarm to pull on some workout clothes and roll out my yoga mat. It’s Tuesday morning and I am still feeling the affects of the beach clean up Sunday morning.  My calves and biceps have been cramping nearly constantly, making my knees and elbows ache. Rest and ice isn’t working and I had being so immobile, hence…

I moved through an abbreviated version of the GirlsGoneStrong Dynamic Warm-up. I was really surprised by what my body could do! I then moved on to the “Back in Action: revitalizing sequence to strengthen the back body” from the June 2013 issue of Yoga Journal. And that is where my whimpering began. 

No, seriously. I whimpered during the first pose – Sphinx Pose. My thighs and hips were still so stiff and tender I nearly cried. The only pose I could not do was the Urdhva Dhanurasana or Upward Bow Pose. That seriously sucked! But now I have a measurable point that I can use to gauge my progress.

My plan is to work through this practice sequence until the next Journal arrives. My goal for this week is to cut back, if not out completely, my “afternoon bag of chip & a candy bar” habit. I have to dress for work today and plan on wearing a cute pair of wedge heels (latest Goodwill find!). I’m worried about my calves so throwing comfy flats in my bag to change into later.

Interested in “Keep Brevard Beautiful“? Check out their webpage for scheduled cleanups and other activities.

Connect 2 Happiness – Day 5 & 6


Relax and Reboot: who doesn’t need to relax and reboot every now and then? Yeah, I’m talking all zen and calm but trust me, I’m a frakkin ball of stress and nerves right now. I tend to internalize my stress and it manifests into physical tension in my neck with sessions of massive overeating. I’ve found that foam rolling and working through a yoga session daily really truly helps me.

I’m so surprised at what I can actually do! I’m getting strong enough to support my own weight! I’m regaining flexibility that I lost when the bursitis developed. Hell, I may not have been that flexible to begin with.

Just like the old ‘Reader’s Digest‘ articles said, Laughter Is The Best Medicine! It relaxes and invigorates the mind, body and soul. Forget the “LOL” – go find something that really truly makes you Laugh Out Loud! Start with a giggle, proceed to laugh, then work up to a guffaw. If you’re feeling ambitious go for side-splitting, rip-roaring gasps for air, let the tears roll down, go all red in the face, nearly pee your pants, gimme a moment while I catch my breathe.

See! Don’t you feel better?!?!?!?