A week of good eating

This past week I have experienced some really incredibly delicious food. And boy, am I paying for it! My mouth has been so happy with me but the rest of me isn’t so content. Sadly I did not have my phone with me so I didn’t document my meals as I had planned. Ah well.

Brady’s BBQ served up some really good bbq. I had 1/2 rack of ribs and could not finish them. Try the Mango BBQ Sauce – Nom! The really nifty thing is their dinner’s come with one side and a “try me” side. The “try” side is obviously smaller but allows you to…errr… try something new. I also had a smooth, deep, rich porter that I cannot find the name of.

Taco Bus Ohgawds but my mouth starts watering just at the thought of it! I snarfed down 3/4 of a Burrito Prenado stuffed with carne asada, washed down with Pineapple Water (and try the Hibiscus Flower Lemonade too!), then filled the remaining nooks & crannies of my tummy with Tres Leches Cake. Technically I shared the cake with my 2 friends but really I bogarted it.

Saturday night I indulged in a “slice and a coke” from New York New York Pizza in Ybor City. They have a wonderful walk-up window for when you get the munchies during your partying. It hit the spot!

People watching at NYNY Pizza in Ybor City

People watching at NYNY Pizza in Ybor City

Sunday we stopped at a Village Inn before hitting the road. I haven’t eaten at a Village Inn in decades! It wasn’t particular memorable other that the exterior decor 😛

Must.Not.Make.Big.Cock.Jokes... too late!

Must.Not.Make.Big.Cock.Jokes… too late!

Sunday night was a favorite meal – California Club at Jason’s Deli.

During the week I’ve cooked some simple but yummy meals. Unfortunately I also indulged in a lot of chips and sweets. Many many… many carbs.

This Friday BelovedFriend and I started a Printmaking class at a local museum. To celebrate our renewed artistic endeavors we toasted ourselves with Irish Car Bombs at Meg O’Malleys Irish Pub. This was followed by Lamb Sliders (OMG! foodgasm!) and Potato Balls (Squee!). THEN I gorged myself on Fish and Chips. I probably shouldn’t mention the Guinness Sundae (brownie, ice cream, and whipped cream) that we nearly finished Heehee!

So yeah… a lot of food! Time to get back on track – eat a little healthier, eat a little cleaner, cut out all the carbs, drop the sweets, just lower the volume of food. I’ve got some chicken legs baking. I’ll throw a pan of broccoli in to roast as well. I’ve got some lovely steamed green beans waiting to be topped with a squirt of lemon and a dusting of Parmesan Cheese. My mom gave me a small jar of ginger syrup which may be paired with carrots.

Off to search for recipes!