Paid Time Off

Paid Time Off” what a lovely concept! Thanks to this beautiful benefit I had a nice 3 day weekend. And I’m only working 3 days then off 5 days! Woot! I’m hoping the weather clears up a bit so I can get in at least one beach day during my mini-staycation.

My trainer says he’s starting to notice that I’m thinning out in my face & neck. I had to laugh as that is probably the last place I’d look to see a difference! It was a nice compliment and motivation 🙂

I’m really challenged (translation: struggling) with my ab exercises. It drives me nuts as I used to have such abdominal muscle control when I was bellydancing. I must start making more of an effort to get up early enough to get a set or two in before work. I think working on them daily will help me master them, and shrink that tummy fat.

I’ve got the rest of July and all of August before things get frantic at work. I want to keep my focus firmly on health as it will only help me survive the holiday season.