Staycation Day 4 plans

8am – up & at ’em
Breakfast – oatmeal w/fruit or eggs, bacon & yogurt
9am – 12pm Beach
Lunch – big green salad with protein (will depend on breakfast, if I had oatmeal the boiled egg & bacon, if I went with e&b then steak on salad)
1pm – 3pm work on porch if not raining
3pm – 5pm sort & put away laundry

Staycation Day 2

It still hasn’t sunk in yet that I’m on vacation LOL Yesterday (Saturday) felt like my usual Sunday off and today (Sunday) feels like my usual Monday off. Does that make sense? LOL

I’ve been up for a couple of hours, just relaxing & goofing off online. I’ll start in on the kitchen in a bit, maybe do some laundry, then a nap for sure. Tonight I get to work out again with Awesome Trainer!

Last night was intense and so much fun! He had me doing timed exercises instead of the usual reps. For example, I would do face pulls for 30 seconds, rest 15, then pull again. It was just go-Go-GO! Thought I would either cry and/or puke but made it through and feel GGGRRRREAT!!!