Super FriSatDay!

My Friday was so pleasant I could have happily gone back to work today LOL I was just so refreshed, energized, and happy 🙂

So what got me there?

  • I got my shots! I have been unable to find my childhood immunization records so I haven’t been able to register for classes. I had to pay out of pocket, plus I needed to be over the sinus plague, so this has been something that has unfortunately been delayed many times. The nurses at the Health Department told me to move my arms to help the shots disperse. I asked about going to the gym later in the day and was told that was an excellent idea. Whew! I did end up taking some Tylenol before bed as I felt a smidge sore and feverish.
  • Yoga book! I wanted a book that would  give me good photos and information on poses (where I’m supposed to be pressing/pushing/opening, what muscles to activate, etc) plus flow sequences. I think this one may do the trick, The Women’s Health Big Book of Yoga. I actually bought the paperback book so I could have it on the floor by my mat.
  • 2.5 hours at the gym! My trainer got delayed so instead of coming home I got in some cardio (treadmill and bike), then worked 2 circuits on the machines. To make up for his being late, he gave me more than hour so I actually racked up 2 and 1/2 hours at the gym – WOOF!
  • Lamb chops for dinner!  not something I would eat every week but damn, they are yummy! I marinate them in olive oil, salt, pepper, rosemary and a little tarragon. Throw them in a cast iron skillet to get a good crust then gobble them down!

And today?

  • Lower BMI!!!  Checked my BMI using the Wii and while still Obese, I am at a significantly lower number. I was 43.45 and now 40.51! YES!!!
  • New workout pants – Comfy and don’t look too shabby 😛
  • The Diet Cure book – I read about this on a /r/xxfitness thread, and thought I’d give it a read. Hopefully it will provide some relief for my horrible sugar addiction. I’ve had some good result cutting wheat and limiting my dairy, I know if I could get rid of the excess sugar I’ll feel even better. I downloaded the Nook version.
  • Back in the gym tonight – Eager to see what I can do tonight.
  • Will start working out before work – my trainer is being absolutely awesome and flexible with my work schedule. We’re going to try meeting up about 2 hours before I go to work. I’ll pack a bag and shower/change at the gym.
  • Getting a game plan for the week worked out – with the above new workout schedule I will have to be organized. Plus I want to get my meals cooked & organized. I ate out far too much last week.

He’s gone and I’m still fucking fabulous

He’s getting married. This guy that I’ve been crazy about for years but knew was not a positive relationship for me. Oh, it started off good! He was positive and supportive. I probably wouldn’t have lost the weight I have if not for him. He was the complete opposite of my then-recent ex – very masculine, very fit. He wanted me to achieve my goals (or so he said), he wanted me to be happy (or so he said), he wanted me in his life (or so he said).

However – and isn’t it funny how many of these stories have a ‘however? – the issues were pretty big & bad issues. Not going to hash them out because there is no point. They were enough that I backed off and didn’t push or pursue him as much as he wanted. They were enough that I was disappointed and saddened when I knew the relationship couldn’t be more than it was. I was pretty bummed out.

But then I realized… hmm, his loss.

And for some time now it has been his loss. We chatted occasionally but he could never keep it friendly. He tried to direct any and all conversations back to sex and/or he and I having a relationship. It would get so tiresome and annoying!

So fast forward to this afternoon. I started the conversation by sending him a recent pic of me that I thought was pretty nifty. He responded asking about my hair and “just so you know” he and she are getting married. She was one of the bad issues ::coughcumdumpstercough:: As I’m digesting that tidbit of information he sends a sexual text. Really dude? I point out that any type of relationship is pointless because he’s moving further away AND getting married. He responds that marriage won’t change anything. Sigh. Yeah, that’s kinda the problem! I finally respond that the issue was that he chose her over me. Fucking nuts to do so, just saying. He acknowledges that is true so I just wished him a lovely life.

Sadly I know he won’t have a lovely life cause he won’t have me in it 😉

Karmic Bukkake

Ok, everyone knows what ‘bukkake‘ is right? Don’t lie! and if you have to look it up, for gawds’ sake, don’t do it at work! ::snicker::

Well, I’m experiencing some ‘karmic bukkake’ right now and I thought I’d share the love! A couple of weeks ago I had a really lovely weekend with both new friends and my dearest friends. I experienced a few FUCKING INCREDIBLE connections and shared energy experiences that just blew my mind. No, seriously! I feel like I have had my attitude/outlook rebooted or reprogrammed. I’m seeing everything and everyone is a completely different light. Shortly after my personal cosmic event, I heard from two very interesting individuals. This just added to my disgustingly delightful mood 😛

Adding to the overwhelming goodness it a couple of things on the burner career-wise. I’m just overflowing with this amazing energy and trying to channel it toward more good things. I suspect my summer is going to be very busy and massively productive 🙂