Literally Eating Less

I find that I cannot physically eat as much as I used to. Not that I’m complaining –  It’s just surprising!

Saturday night I went out to eat with CurrentLover to a local bbq place. Their ribs come in 3 sizes which basically translates to 4 ribs, 8 ribs or 12 ribs. Who the hell only eats 4 ribs??? So I ordered 8 ribs. Five of those ribs, plus 1/2 a baked potato and coleslaw, are sitting in my frig.

This afternoon I met my mom for wings. Again, who only eats 6 bone-in chicken wings??? I ordered 12 (split between sweet bbq sauce and garlic&parmesan). I brought home 8 of the wings along with a handful of onion rings.

In both instances I was absolutely stuffed. Miserably full. This is a completely new sensation for me! I used to be able to clear my plate and probably sneak a few bites off other folks’. So weird! I’m loving it!