First 2nd Day Off

Not to be too confusing but today (Monday) is the ending of my first days off. Yes, I’m gainfully employed again! WOOT!!! I’m very nearly doing what I love, with a company that has excellent benefits and resources. I just need to get my life schedule figured out and on track. I may work on that this afternoon.

Pre-menapausal  symptoms continue to plague me. I’m noticing some memory lapses, weight gain, cycle all mucked up, and some odd neurological issues (thinking one thing and typing completely different, not typos, just different words).  I’m upping my soy intake to see if that will help. I love edaname and  tofu so this isn’t much of a stretch. My upper tummy bulge, aka the dreaded “Middle Age Spread“, is back with a vengeance! I’m noticing a decline in skin quality as well.

Sadly, my diet has not been too clean during this period of sloth. A strict keto diet isn’t doing a thing for me. To combat this I’m upping my aerobic activity and returning to a eating plan that worked great for me. I lost 60 pounds on the slow-carb diet from ‘The 4-Hour Body” and I’m hoping it will kick-start my losing again. I’ve also picked up a copy of “The 4-Hour Chef“, also by Tim Ferriss.

Onward & Healthier!

Back to Reality Camp

My vacation is coming to a close in a few hours. I’ve enjoyed these last couple of days immensely.  As much as I’d like to brag about all the things I accomplished I really did not do all that much. The only socializing was at a family birthday party. I went out to the grocery store a couple of times. Indulged in a some retail therapy one day. Mostly I watched tv and poked around online. I loved it.

Work – This coming week is my last week in my current position at work. Next week I start my new job and I’m really excited about it. I am only working 4 days this week so I can transition back to a day time schedule during the weekend. This week will be mostly cleaning up loose ends (sounds so sinister!), developing plan and goals for new job, getting systems & permissions set up, etc.

Health & Fitness – I’m so psyched! I start Stage 2 from The New Rules of Lifting for Women this week PLUS I’m participating in three different fitness challenges: 90 Days Goal on Reddit, Fitocracy – 2 Week Free For All – Floridians, Fitocracy – Battle Royal – XXKeto. I’m still so surprised at how much I could lift, it’s been moving me right along. I’m shooting for a strict Keto Diet this week. My net carbs have been coming in at 30+grams daily so I’m hoping 20g or less will move the weight off.

90 Days Goal

  • Lose 16 lbs and keep it off (obviously I’m going for more overall)
  • Consistent strength training 3 times a week
  • Consistent cardio 3 times a week
  • Get the confidence to bellydance again

Sprint 1 Goals

  • Determine if morning or evening is best for workout (new work schedule starting in 1 week)
  • Drink my water!
  • Continue to eat clean & 80% paleo
  • Cut carbs out to 20g or less
  • Push myself, don’t be afraid of the weights
  • Foam roll more often
  • Work in some yoga for flexibility
  • Don’t forget how much I’ve accomplished so far

So, how you doing?

Vacation Mode aka Slacker-me

My sleep pattern is all over the place, and I’m ok with this. I’ve embraced the mindset that I’m on vacation, I’ve got one more week of overnights, so just go with the flow and relax. And it feels good!

Points of interest:

  • Pizza and Birthday Cake with family one night to celebrate one of my cousins turning 16.
  • Quite a bit of laundry taken care of. Now sorting to see what I’m keeping and what is getting donated.
  • Dishes finally all washed.
  • 25lb weight plates purchased. My numbers are gonna go up up up!
  • Also bought a15lb kettlebell. I’ve been doing random kettlebell swings and tricep extensions throughout the day/night.
  • Frig full of meat, leafy greens and cheese. Going to try being strict keto for a week.
  • Working on several posts I hope to complete this weekend.
  • Actually feeling a bit creative and working on some simple earrings. Will post pics when complete.

Oh! and awesome decadent snack? Jif Chocolate Silk (chocolate & peanut butter) smeared on bacon NOM!!!

Cheat Day

Yeah, my Self Discipline Bracelet is flipped to Cheat Day heehee!

4AM woke up starving!

  • 2 Applegate Farms hotdogs in Joseph flax-oat bran-whole wheat pita (torn in half, used one half for each hotdog) with organic ketchup

9am starving after working out

  • make some tuna salad and ate with a huge handful of shredded iceberg lettuce

11:30am everybody was talking about ribs on Fitocracy & Tumblr, decided I wanted some too

  • Jack Daniels Ribs
  • The Kraken Rum
  • Strawberry Cheesecake
  • Chocolate Cream Cake

4:20pm Current time. Still stuffed (and so happy!) but feeling dehydrated. Chugging a lot of water and headed for a nap. Thinking of some cardio, crunches, and tricep work but… yeah, nap 🙂