Mid-Noveber- WTF?!?!?!

Holy cow but it’s mid-November already?!?!?!? I don’t know if I should be delighted that time is flying by or panicking cause time is flying by LOL

A quick catchup on the State of this FlBombshell…

  • 2 straight months of facilitating classes at work
  • Got sick the 2nd week and just now feeling back to normal
  • Lost 10lbs in October
  • Lost some more inches
  • Workouts were sporadic due to 10-12 hour work days
  • Diet has been iffy due to the same. Struggling to get back on track.. just in time for the damn holidays and all the food that goes with it.
  • Frustrated at work but taking steps to resolve this
  • PMS is getting ridiculous – migraines and massive mood swings

Goals of this month:

  • Get my supplements and vitamins organized so I am taking them daily
  • Organize my makeup better
  • Get back on track for daily exercise
  • Eat clean and healthy 80% of the time
  • Eat more fruit
  • Continue to purge my hoard of random & useless stuff
  • Patch the wall in craftroom
  • Create a nice patio area around the fire pit in back yard

Labor Day To-Do List

To make up for my “Slacker Sunday” I shall kick ass for the next couple of hours and get stuff done!

  • Wash dishes AND put them away
  • Tidy up bathroom
  • Tidy up living room (clear away the remains of my binges)
  • Clean out dead veggies in the frig
  • Make coleslaw
  • Make guac & salsa
  • Cook leftover ground beef
  • Shred remaining mojo chicken off the bone
  • Maybe boil some eggs & pre-cook bacon for quick breakfasts this week
  • NEW – cook pot of green beans
  • NEW – picked out outfit for work tomorrow

UPDATE – Realized my toothache has trans-mutated to an ear ache. My check is actual hurting as well. I’ve got some hot water cooling for the neti pot, then I’ll shower and take meds. I suspect the meds will make me sleepy so I’m getting a little more taken care of so I can be groggy all afternoon.

Blissful Sunday

I woke up with a 10 item to-do list. I had big plans to accomplish “stuff”. All those nagging little chores that I couldn’t get to during the week. The whole list wouldn’t take more than 3 or 4 hours tops…

Nope. Not gonna happen.

I realized I needed a downtime day. I’ve been going hard & fast for 2 weeks now with the new job. I’m loving the job but right now it is very stressful. Normally I would do these chores on Saturday but we had a company picnic.

It was great! I had fun and I won “Most Original” in the dessert contest! However I spent nearly 5 hours on my feet – socializing, walking around, manning the helium tank blowing up balloons, and being silly at the dessert contest. My feet hurt. My back hurt. My teeth started hurting (onset of sinus infection). I ate a lot of carbs so my tummy & gut hurt…

So yeah, Sunday rolled around and I just can’t get started. So rather than beat myself up about it I declared that I would kickback and relax instead. And I did. I enjoyed a few delicious cocktails. I watched a bunch of dvr’d shows (Lost Girl, Alphas, Perception) and enjoyed a mini Law & Order marathon. I got lost in Pinterest. Researched menopause and diet. Learned some new things about WordPress. Read some cool blogs.

It has been just an all around excellent day. I’m off tomorrow so I’ll get those pesky chores done then… maybe 🙂

My awesome Ambrosia Cake before and after! Not only do I get bragging rights but I won a lovely pearl bracelet and matching earrings! Woot!