Adding A New Label To My Life

So I started grad school this past Monday. And I’m terrified! Not only am I’m still working 40+ hours but it has been years since I’ve claimed the label “student”. I had to pass a “Academic Integrity” quiz before I can submit any assignments – how cool is that?!?!  Big change from the old “cheating is bad, m’kay?” message LOL    Luckily I’m off Friday & Saturday so I can:

  • Not only get caught up on reading & quizzes but get ahead
  • Do some “Unfuck Your Habitat” – check out their Welcome Packet and Cleaning Checklists. Something about “unfucking” makes more appeals to me than mere cleaning.
  • Do some grocery shopping – see this great post on healthy budget-friendly grocery shopping: UGWBliss: Surviving On A Budget. I love Target and will be trying out the Cartwheel app this Friday when I get paid 🙂
  • Hitting the gym for my weekly training with Awesome Trainer!
  • Work up a weekly schedule so I can study, work, eat, train, and sleep successfully.

Making some strides

Sunday I packed some good choices for my work lunch & snacks, and I avoided both soda and snack machines – WOOT!

On the way home I decided against a fast food hamburger for a delicious meal at home of a sweet potato topped with diced ham and mango salsa followed by a bowl of fresh berries – WOOT!

… and then I fell into a bag of Tostitos and a jar of queso cheese dip. Not so woot LOL

Today I’m packing up some lean ground beef and cooked mixed greens, plus some instant oatmeal, apples & peanut butter.  I’ve got beef jerky and nuts in my desk for snacks.

Downloading “The Diet Cure” to my new tablet so I can re-read. The charts were impossible to read on my Nook. For some reason they laid out the tables vertical so whenever you rotated your Nook, the table would rotate LOL it was frustrating to have to change my settings when I was reading it.

Hopefully the mandatory extra time is done at work so I can get back into the gym.

Peeks up from behind my computer

Is it safe to come out? are the holidays over? Whew!

Let me put it this way – Working retails certainly gives you a different perspective of the holidays LOL ’nuff said.

Ok, so we’re past the ridiculous overtime, the onslaught of way too yummy holiday food, and unrelenting stress. So let’s take stock:

  • I’m really dehydrated. From meds for the sinus issues, to our ever changing weather, to bad food choices, I’m feeling really dry and creaky.
  • My body needs to move and sweat! I haven’t been to the gym in 2 weeks. Today was the first day I’ve done yoga in a week.
  • It was a bad pain day. I was having spasms from neck to knees. The yoga helped, but I relented and took a pain pill.
  • Gut in not happy. The bread… the pasta… the cheese… the spicy stuff… yeah, an unhappy gut is not good for a Bombshell.

So I’m sooooooooo ready to set some January Goals!!! YAY!!!

  • Gym! will be meeting up with Trainer on Saturday. In the meantime I’ll be getting in some quality time with the treadmill and rowing machine.
  • Whole30! what better way to get my gut happy, clear up my skin, brighten my eyes, shine my hair, boost my energy, than to get some good healthy clean food in my system.
  • Biggest Loser! work is starting up another Biggest Loser next week. I want to try and lose what I gained in December. I don’t care about winning but I love the accountability.
  • School! I’ll need to get and keep myself organized if I want to be successful.

Oh boy, my trainer is gonna have me do lunges. I have an absolute hate/fear of lunges. Nothing makes me feel more clumsy, fat, out of shape, and old than lunges.

  • I have horrible balance and I always fear I’m going to fall.
  • My hips and knees are not functioning as they should and I always fear I’m going to fall.
  • I’m morbidly obese and I always fear I’m going to fall.
  • My ankles like to roll at inopportune times and I always fear I’m going to fall.
  • I have poor form and I always fear I’m going to fall.
  • I can’t lower myself down and get back up and I always fear I’m going to fall.
  • My anxiety spikes and I always fear I’m going to fall.
  • My heart rate spikes and I always fear I’m going to fall.
  • I’ve never been able to get through one set and I always fear I’m going to fall.
  • I always fear I’m going to fall.


  • I want improve my already luscious and epic ass!
  • I want to be able to Bunny Dip again! (example of the Bunny Dip is at approximately 0:25)
  • I want my hourglass figure back!
  • I want to be able have more sex without getting winded!
  • I want to run a 5k!
  • I want to not only look good but feel good!
  • I want to ditch my allergy meds!
  • I want a healthy body fat ratio!
  • I want my hip and knee to stop hurting.
  • I want my neck to stop hurting.
  • I want my back to stop hurting.
  • I want to feel comfortable bellydancing again.
  • I want to do backbends and Turkish drops again.
  • I want my teeth to stop being such an issue.
  • I want to stop wanting!

So… obviously I gotta do lunges. And squats. And pick up heavy things and put them down. And do some cardio. And do some yoga. And eat pretty clean.

Sounds so simple 🙂