Menu Planning – 7/27

Sunday – Cajun Crab Croquettes, Southwestern Calico Corn, spinach salad

Monday – Lamb chops, chunky applesauce with added fruit (berries, plums, etc)

Tuesday -Slow Cooker Honey Orange Drumsticks

And all these will be accompanied by spinach, kale, or broccoli and probably a crisp salad.

Making some strides

Sunday I packed some good choices for my work lunch & snacks, and I avoided both soda and snack machines – WOOT!

On the way home I decided against a fast food hamburger for a delicious meal at home of a sweet potato topped with diced ham and mango salsa followed by a bowl of fresh berries – WOOT!

… and then I fell into a bag of Tostitos and a jar of queso cheese dip. Not so woot LOL

Today I’m packing up some lean ground beef and cooked mixed greens, plus some instant oatmeal, apples & peanut butter.  I’ve got beef jerky and nuts in my desk for snacks.

Downloading “The Diet Cure” to my new tablet so I can re-read. The charts were impossible to read on my Nook. For some reason they laid out the tables vertical so whenever you rotated your Nook, the table would rotate LOL it was frustrating to have to change my settings when I was reading it.

Hopefully the mandatory extra time is done at work so I can get back into the gym.

Peeks up from behind my computer

Is it safe to come out? are the holidays over? Whew!

Let me put it this way – Working retails certainly gives you a different perspective of the holidays LOL ’nuff said.

Ok, so we’re past the ridiculous overtime, the onslaught of way too yummy holiday food, and unrelenting stress. So let’s take stock:

  • I’m really dehydrated. From meds for the sinus issues, to our ever changing weather, to bad food choices, I’m feeling really dry and creaky.
  • My body needs to move and sweat! I haven’t been to the gym in 2 weeks. Today was the first day I’ve done yoga in a week.
  • It was a bad pain day. I was having spasms from neck to knees. The yoga helped, but I relented and took a pain pill.
  • Gut in not happy. The bread… the pasta… the cheese… the spicy stuff… yeah, an unhappy gut is not good for a Bombshell.

So I’m sooooooooo ready to set some January Goals!!! YAY!!!

  • Gym! will be meeting up with Trainer on Saturday. In the meantime I’ll be getting in some quality time with the treadmill and rowing machine.
  • Whole30! what better way to get my gut happy, clear up my skin, brighten my eyes, shine my hair, boost my energy, than to get some good healthy clean food in my system.
  • Biggest Loser! work is starting up another Biggest Loser next week. I want to try and lose what I gained in December. I don’t care about winning but I love the accountability.
  • School! I’ll need to get and keep myself organized if I want to be successful.

Damn bursitis!

Hip & knee still giving me serious grief. Hip is sore and tender to touch. Knee is sore and weak, can barely stand to put any weight on it. I was baffled as to what I could have done then I realized – I had potatoes AND tomatoes twice yesterday


Too many nightshades in one day!


So I’m tucking the awesome blueberries I have in the freezer for later (they are also nightshades), wearing my comfy flat sneakers to work, and…. probably going to have to use my cane today GRRR!

Well, it is “Show your Geekiness” day or something like that at work LOL

A week of good eating

This past week I have experienced some really incredibly delicious food. And boy, am I paying for it! My mouth has been so happy with me but the rest of me isn’t so content. Sadly I did not have my phone with me so I didn’t document my meals as I had planned. Ah well.

Brady’s BBQ served up some really good bbq. I had 1/2 rack of ribs and could not finish them. Try the Mango BBQ Sauce – Nom! The really nifty thing is their dinner’s come with one side and a “try me” side. The “try” side is obviously smaller but allows you to…errr… try something new. I also had a smooth, deep, rich porter that I cannot find the name of.

Taco Bus Ohgawds but my mouth starts watering just at the thought of it! I snarfed down 3/4 of a Burrito Prenado stuffed with carne asada, washed down with Pineapple Water (and try the Hibiscus Flower Lemonade too!), then filled the remaining nooks & crannies of my tummy with Tres Leches Cake. Technically I shared the cake with my 2 friends but really I bogarted it.

Saturday night I indulged in a “slice and a coke” from New York New York Pizza in Ybor City. They have a wonderful walk-up window for when you get the munchies during your partying. It hit the spot!

People watching at NYNY Pizza in Ybor City

People watching at NYNY Pizza in Ybor City

Sunday we stopped at a Village Inn before hitting the road. I haven’t eaten at a Village Inn in decades! It wasn’t particular memorable other that the exterior decor 😛

Must.Not.Make.Big.Cock.Jokes... too late!

Must.Not.Make.Big.Cock.Jokes… too late!

Sunday night was a favorite meal – California Club at Jason’s Deli.

During the week I’ve cooked some simple but yummy meals. Unfortunately I also indulged in a lot of chips and sweets. Many many… many carbs.

This Friday BelovedFriend and I started a Printmaking class at a local museum. To celebrate our renewed artistic endeavors we toasted ourselves with Irish Car Bombs at Meg O’Malleys Irish Pub. This was followed by Lamb Sliders (OMG! foodgasm!) and Potato Balls (Squee!). THEN I gorged myself on Fish and Chips. I probably shouldn’t mention the Guinness Sundae (brownie, ice cream, and whipped cream) that we nearly finished Heehee!

So yeah… a lot of food! Time to get back on track – eat a little healthier, eat a little cleaner, cut out all the carbs, drop the sweets, just lower the volume of food. I’ve got some chicken legs baking. I’ll throw a pan of broccoli in to roast as well. I’ve got some lovely steamed green beans waiting to be topped with a squirt of lemon and a dusting of Parmesan Cheese. My mom gave me a small jar of ginger syrup which may be paired with carrots.

Off to search for recipes!

Daily Calories and Nutrient Breakdown

Maintenance Fat Loss Extreme Fat Loss
Monday 2450 2016 2016
Tuesday 2016 2016 2016
Wednesday 2940 2420 2420
Thursday 2450 2016 2016
Friday 2205 2016 2016
Saturday 2695 2218 2218
Sunday 2450 2016 2016
*Calorie cycling provides same amount of calories per week, but ‘tricks’ your body by constantly changing daily calories. This helps to prevent or break plateaus. Guideline only.
Carbs Protein Fat
Grams per Day 126g 201g 78g
Grams per Meal
31.5g 50.3g 19.5g
Calories per Day
504 806 706
Calories per Meal
126 201.5 176.5

Source and

Labor Day To-Do List

To make up for my “Slacker Sunday” I shall kick ass for the next couple of hours and get stuff done!

  • Wash dishes AND put them away
  • Tidy up bathroom
  • Tidy up living room (clear away the remains of my binges)
  • Clean out dead veggies in the frig
  • Make coleslaw
  • Make guac & salsa
  • Cook leftover ground beef
  • Shred remaining mojo chicken off the bone
  • Maybe boil some eggs & pre-cook bacon for quick breakfasts this week
  • NEW – cook pot of green beans
  • NEW – picked out outfit for work tomorrow

UPDATE – Realized my toothache has trans-mutated to an ear ache. My check is actual hurting as well. I’ve got some hot water cooling for the neti pot, then I’ll shower and take meds. I suspect the meds will make me sleepy so I’m getting a little more taken care of so I can be groggy all afternoon.

Blissful Sunday

I woke up with a 10 item to-do list. I had big plans to accomplish “stuff”. All those nagging little chores that I couldn’t get to during the week. The whole list wouldn’t take more than 3 or 4 hours tops…

Nope. Not gonna happen.

I realized I needed a downtime day. I’ve been going hard & fast for 2 weeks now with the new job. I’m loving the job but right now it is very stressful. Normally I would do these chores on Saturday but we had a company picnic.

It was great! I had fun and I won “Most Original” in the dessert contest! However I spent nearly 5 hours on my feet – socializing, walking around, manning the helium tank blowing up balloons, and being silly at the dessert contest. My feet hurt. My back hurt. My teeth started hurting (onset of sinus infection). I ate a lot of carbs so my tummy & gut hurt…

So yeah, Sunday rolled around and I just can’t get started. So rather than beat myself up about it I declared that I would kickback and relax instead. And I did. I enjoyed a few delicious cocktails. I watched a bunch of dvr’d shows (Lost Girl, Alphas, Perception) and enjoyed a mini Law & Order marathon. I got lost in Pinterest. Researched menopause and diet. Learned some new things about WordPress. Read some cool blogs.

It has been just an all around excellent day. I’m off tomorrow so I’ll get those pesky chores done then… maybe 🙂

My awesome Ambrosia Cake before and after! Not only do I get bragging rights but I won a lovely pearl bracelet and matching earrings! Woot!

Literally Eating Less

I find that I cannot physically eat as much as I used to. Not that I’m complaining –  It’s just surprising!

Saturday night I went out to eat with CurrentLover to a local bbq place. Their ribs come in 3 sizes which basically translates to 4 ribs, 8 ribs or 12 ribs. Who the hell only eats 4 ribs??? So I ordered 8 ribs. Five of those ribs, plus 1/2 a baked potato and coleslaw, are sitting in my frig.

This afternoon I met my mom for wings. Again, who only eats 6 bone-in chicken wings??? I ordered 12 (split between sweet bbq sauce and garlic&parmesan). I brought home 8 of the wings along with a handful of onion rings.

In both instances I was absolutely stuffed. Miserably full. This is a completely new sensation for me! I used to be able to clear my plate and probably sneak a few bites off other folks’. So weird! I’m loving it!