Sunday Plans

Evidently I wasn’t as “all better” as I thought I was. Woke up feeling sick again. Damn sore throat just lingers 😦

I want to get this crud out of my system as we’re having a blood drive at work on Friday and I’d like to be able to donate.

Today I’m crashed on the couch watching “From Dusk Till Dawn” tv series marathon. Eventually I’ll get up and do some batch cooking: carrots (steamed then sauteed in honey), roast some chicken legs & thighs, cook some broccoli and kale, chop and pre-make salads, make some black bean soup.

Might work on my costume a bit more too 🙂

Vacation Mode aka Slacker-me

My sleep pattern is all over the place, and I’m ok with this. I’ve embraced the mindset that I’m on vacation, I’ve got one more week of overnights, so just go with the flow and relax. And it feels good!

Points of interest:

  • Pizza and Birthday Cake with family one night to celebrate one of my cousins turning 16.
  • Quite a bit of laundry taken care of. Now sorting to see what I’m keeping and what is getting donated.
  • Dishes finally all washed.
  • 25lb weight plates purchased. My numbers are gonna go up up up!
  • Also bought a15lb kettlebell. I’ve been doing random kettlebell swings and tricep extensions throughout the day/night.
  • Frig full of meat, leafy greens and cheese. Going to try being strict keto for a week.
  • Working on several posts I hope to complete this weekend.
  • Actually feeling a bit creative and working on some simple earrings. Will post pics when complete.

Oh! and awesome decadent snack? Jif Chocolate Silk (chocolate & peanut butter) smeared on bacon NOM!!!