Connect 2 Happiness – Day 5 & 6


Relax and Reboot: who doesn’t need to relax and reboot every now and then? Yeah, I’m talking all zen and calm but trust me, I’m a frakkin ball of stress and nerves right now. I tend to internalize my stress and it manifests into physical tension in my neck with sessions of massive overeating. I’ve found that foam rolling and working through a yoga session daily really truly helps me.

I’m so surprised at what I can actually do! I’m getting strong enough to support my own weight! I’m regaining flexibility that I lost when the bursitis developed. Hell, I may not have been that flexible to begin with.

Just like the old ‘Reader’s Digest‘ articles said, Laughter Is The Best Medicine! It relaxes and invigorates the mind, body and soul. Forget the “LOL” – go find something that really truly makes you Laugh Out Loud! Start with a giggle, proceed to laugh, then work up to a guffaw. If you’re feeling ambitious go for side-splitting, rip-roaring gasps for air, let the tears roll down, go all red in the face, nearly pee your pants, gimme a moment while I catch my breathe.

See! Don’t you feel better?!?!?!?