My mad time management skillz?

 …ain’t so mad!  Turns out that Fridays is the “due date” for one of my classes rather than Sunday as I had thought. So instead of being ‘ahead’, I’m merely ‘caught up’. Ugh!

So I spend a good chunk of my Sunday getting work events, holidays, and assignments entered into my planner, then working up a schedule.

  • Up at 8:30am
  • Yoga 30min
  • Breakfast, watch/listen to news, check emails/Facebook 30min
  • Read, study, assignments 9:30am-12pm
  • Lunch 30min
  • Great ready for work 12:30pm
  • Work 2pm-10:30pm – taking laptop so I can study during dinner break
  • Gym after work 30-45min
  • Bed by 12am

And yeah, if you look at the time stamp, you’ll notice that I’m an hour behind –I forgot to actually turn on my alarm last night! but woke up at my usual time 🙂

Adding A New Label To My Life

So I started grad school this past Monday. And I’m terrified! Not only am I’m still working 40+ hours but it has been years since I’ve claimed the label “student”. I had to pass a “Academic Integrity” quiz before I can submit any assignments – how cool is that?!?!  Big change from the old “cheating is bad, m’kay?” message LOL    Luckily I’m off Friday & Saturday so I can:

  • Not only get caught up on reading & quizzes but get ahead
  • Do some “Unfuck Your Habitat” – check out their Welcome Packet and Cleaning Checklists. Something about “unfucking” makes more appeals to me than mere cleaning.
  • Do some grocery shopping – see this great post on healthy budget-friendly grocery shopping: UGWBliss: Surviving On A Budget. I love Target and will be trying out the Cartwheel app this Friday when I get paid 🙂
  • Hitting the gym for my weekly training with Awesome Trainer!
  • Work up a weekly schedule so I can study, work, eat, train, and sleep successfully.

Sunday Ramblings

I love lazy laid-back Sundays where I occasionally get stuff done 🙂

Survived yesterday’s workout with Awesome Trainer Kevin. It was a bit of a struggle to be honest. He immediately noticed that I was very low energy and adapted accordingly. This is one of the reasons I trust him so much. I started with some cardio, then moved on to timed interval strength training. Once my blood got pumping I perked up quite a bit and was able to narrow my focus. I did quite well for a bit…

And then I literally saw stars. I was doing side step-squats with an exercise band around my ankles. Started having trouble with my timing and breathing. I had to reset each movement which slowed me down. I was really pushing through them when I started seeing stars. Couldn’t catch my breath, heart hammering, and got very thirsty. Kev was right there to help, got me sitting down, had me drinking water, and just chilled with me until I pulled myself together.

More than likely it was due to being sick. I know I’m dehydrated from cold meds plus I got seriously hungry in the middle of the session. Stopped at Jimmy John’s for a Tuna Unwich – the lightness of tuna and the uber crisp lettuce was perfect! I snarfed it down in record time.  Came home and napped for 2-3 hours. I felt sooo good when I got up so it was definitely needed.

Today I’ve done little other than fuss with a clogged kitchen sink. I did decide on my Halloween costume for an upcoming “Villains” themed party. I found my tiara and scepter from last Halloween which inspired me to look up Queen of Hearts costumes. With my crazy work schedule in October I’ve found a cute commercial costume that I can quickly & easily customize with glue gun, trimmings & sparkly stuff.

I’m going to follow the great advice from “The Mess That Is Me” and start carrying my camera with me again. I used to always have it handy then felt out of the habit. I’ve had several instances where I wished I had more than just my phone to grab a pic.

I need to get over this cold/upper respiratory crud that is going around so I can get my school vaccinations. I want to get registered for January classes. I can get them down right around the corner at local health department but I want to be healthy when I do. There are a couple of professional journals I want to subscribe to as well. I am sooo ready to get on with my master’s! I want it now! /Veruca Salt

October will be another crazy busy work month but there is a reward at the end – AfterBurn! I have some personal concerns but I’m not dwelling on them. Things will work out one way or another 🙂



Keeping my gym bag in the car

Just in case. Day 2 of my evening class and my feet/legs were killing me. No way I could have done anything at the gym. I’m doing 30-45mins of yoga at home before work, but really wanted some strength training & cardio after work. Facilitating this class is just too physically draining. However, I am keeping my packed gym bag packed & in the car. If I adjust, and feel up to it, then I’ll be ready 🙂

September Goals

I’m a bad blogger! I’ve mostly been using Tumblr for my random posting but it September 1st, 2013, and time to set some September Goals!


  • Wall Sit Challenge! found at and Every day you add a few more seconds onto your wall sit. I love wall sits as they stretch my back, improve my posture, and work these thighs!
  • No more binges! I will allow myself to eat an occasional treat but damn it, Laura! you don’t need crunchy chips or too sweet candy bars to deal with your stress!  Walk it out or save it up for the gym 🙂
  • Creating a Personal Motivation Kit again. I used to have a small board on my wall at work where I printed out some motivational memes. For me, it worked! If I was craving junk food, I’d just run my eyes over the motivational messages to get my brain back on track.
  • Part of my motivational kit will be the-beginners-guide-to-a-tantric-love-affair-with-life. It’s a great read, and the site looks to have some other helpful articles as well. I may just have to spring for a subscription 🙂
  • Concrete Goals – Awesome Trainer Kevin is printing up some tracking charts for me. We’re going to set some measurable fitness goals. I like the idea of shifting from “working out” to “training”.
  • Get an Agenda Plan in Place – The next 4 months are going to be insanely busy for me. I am facilitating four back-to-back training classes, and this includes travel out of state. Then when the trainings are done, our Mandatory OverTime kicks in. Love the paychecks but hate the hours. I will need some intensive down-time for self-care to make it through this. A solid plan will help me keep my sanity and not backslide health-wise.
  • Get my immunizations so I can register for January classes. This is going to happen.
  • Potentially another “Life Laundry” may be happening soon. This LINK explains it pretty good.  I’m currently hesitating in regards to a couple relationships to see how certain situations play out.
  • Remember to Bless Myself more! I have really surprised myself in what I can do and achieve, and I need to keep those accomplishments in mind. Stop beating myself up when I fail. Try to reframe as more of a speedbump or pitstop.
  • Along the same vein, I want more positive people in my life. Those that appreciate my efforts, that support me, kick me in the butt when needed, that share my goals and share theirs with me. I’m getting a little weary of the people who make jokes at my efforts or cannot see past their own issues.

So Bless Yourself! Set your goals! See what you can accomplish this September! Celebrate Yourself!

So yesterday I discovered that someone had rifled through my car. Nothing damaged, nothing taken (that I can determine). Hell, they even left the pennies in the cup holder LOL For some reason they tried to pop the hood. Yes, I checked for any damage there.

I feel so violated! and it feeds my paranoia. Yippee.

Then I get to work to be told that I’ll be working 6 day weeks for the next 5 weeks due to various “Friends & Family” and “Gift With Purchase” promotions going on. I know I’ll be thrilled when I see my paychecks but I’ve worked for salary for long it doesn’t register yet. All I’m seeing is the loss of time off to prep for PreHeat.

To quell my rising panic and anxiety I’m drafting up a schedule for the next few weeks. Somehow organizing my time makes me feel more in control. And control is good 🙂

Not so productively stressed

Usually I thrive under stress and deadlines at work. At home, I tend to shut down and retreat. I’m finding myself… dunno. I’m going to have to pickup some tasks at work that I do not want. Those will keep me from doing what I understood I was hired to do. But it gotta be done. I just gotta pull up my big girl panties and do it. More incentive to get on with applying for graduate school.

I’m not broadcasting my decision to go back to school much yet. I still have to apply and get financial assistance. Hopefully I can start by Fall.

I survived!

Made it through my first day of work! Woot! it was both humbling and ego-enriching.

I was a little hesitant as I was going back to the company that laid me off but to a lower position. Part of me felt that I had failed. I was humiliated at having to start over again. I was embarrassed to tell people why I was back…

I shouldn’t have worried.

I was greeted with big grins, hearty hugs, and sincere welcomes. I am floored and still kinda teary eyed over it. People wanted me back! Me??? yes, Me!!! Plus they are planning on adapting the position so I can focus on certain aspects of my prior job, the parts I liked best! SCORE!

::Happy Bombshell does a Happy Bombshell Dance::

Kermit Flail