Sunday Plans

Evidently I wasn’t as “all better” as I thought I was. Woke up feeling sick again. Damn sore throat just lingers 😦

I want to get this crud out of my system as we’re having a blood drive at work on Friday and I’d like to be able to donate.

Today I’m crashed on the couch watching “From Dusk Till Dawn” tv series marathon. Eventually I’ll get up and do some batch cooking: carrots (steamed then sauteed in honey), roast some chicken legs & thighs, cook some broccoli and kale, chop and pre-make salads, make some black bean soup.

Might work on my costume a bit more too 🙂

A list of the lists I need to make…

  • Create my own Sunday Prep list. Inspiration:
  • Plan out this coming week’s workouts
  • Meal ideas for coming week
  • Organize Halloween costume for work: find tights, find bloomers, decide on shoes, which hat to wear – pirate hat or top hat? hooks or snaps to convert halter straps to shoulder straps
  • Organize AfterBurn Pack List: Needed – new air mattress, new tent. Costumes – work on top hat, revamp Halloween costume

Menu Planning – 7/27

Sunday – Cajun Crab Croquettes, Southwestern Calico Corn, spinach salad

Monday – Lamb chops, chunky applesauce with added fruit (berries, plums, etc)

Tuesday -Slow Cooker Honey Orange Drumsticks

And all these will be accompanied by spinach, kale, or broccoli and probably a crisp salad.

PSA – I am not WonderWoman…

Electra Woman, Barb Wire, Black Canary, or even Zatanna 😦

The Good!

  • I have gotten some awesome sleep these last two days.
  • I have stuck with the Beachbody Piyo plan for seven days.
  • I am feeling and seeing improvements already
  • I am eating well.
  • I am back to using MyFitnessPal (user izoralee).
  • Got some sun and fresh air.
  • More flowers and plants are in the ground.
  • I love the colors!
  • My concrete columns are 90% painted.
  • And I have a good idea of how to paint the front screen door.
  • Lovely soaking rain after I planted stuff.
  • Lovely soak for me in the tub – Epson Salt, baking soda, and lavender oil Mmmmmm!

The Bad:

  • Bending, squatting, and moving the columns have aggravated my back. It’s not my sciatica but just above it.
  • I slipped getting out of the tub and wrenched my left knee.
  • Ugh!
  • My lovely lavender smell has been replaced with Ben Gay LOL

Luckily I had the afternoon and now the evening to recover. Back to work tomorrow.

I came this close to ordering a pizza but realized what I wanted was the sauce and cheese. I have those readily available so I’m going to fix myself a little pasta and cook my chicken as planned 🙂

Shut Up and Listen, thanks – The Universe

Sometimes you just have to shut up and listen to the Universe. It’s trying to help you – honestly!

Earlier this month a lovely lady in my SummerSlimDown group posted about a recent loss, “My medicine, and my coping mechanism in the face of tragedy has been to take care of my body. It’s the only thing that feels tangible that I can actually DO and feel of use. Sometimes when life sends you horrible truths the only way you can process is by putting your best essence into this life.”  This floored me. Tragedy of all flavors has always shut me down. I stop. I give up. I quit. I abstain.

I didn’t realize I had a choice to not to this.

The above concept has been knocking around in my head. I’ve been “trying on” the idea that I can use my grief, my anger, my frustration to reach my own goals rather than hit a hard stop. It’s completely foreign to me! What a novel concept! That I can continue onward and still be honoring those that have passed. That I can move forward and past the wrongs. That I can succeed and learn from failures.

Then this morning, this pops up on my Facebook feed:

let goFirstly – that picture is freaking adorable!!!  And I had the idea to write down everything I DO control. And then I decided to it “later”. And then I decided I’m going to write this up and do it… now. Like really now. Seriously! Ok, ok, I’m going to do it!

My mad time management skillz?

 …ain’t so mad!  Turns out that Fridays is the “due date” for one of my classes rather than Sunday as I had thought. So instead of being ‘ahead’, I’m merely ‘caught up’. Ugh!

So I spend a good chunk of my Sunday getting work events, holidays, and assignments entered into my planner, then working up a schedule.

  • Up at 8:30am
  • Yoga 30min
  • Breakfast, watch/listen to news, check emails/Facebook 30min
  • Read, study, assignments 9:30am-12pm
  • Lunch 30min
  • Great ready for work 12:30pm
  • Work 2pm-10:30pm – taking laptop so I can study during dinner break
  • Gym after work 30-45min
  • Bed by 12am

And yeah, if you look at the time stamp, you’ll notice that I’m an hour behind –I forgot to actually turn on my alarm last night! but woke up at my usual time 🙂

Adding A New Label To My Life

So I started grad school this past Monday. And I’m terrified! Not only am I’m still working 40+ hours but it has been years since I’ve claimed the label “student”. I had to pass a “Academic Integrity” quiz before I can submit any assignments – how cool is that?!?!  Big change from the old “cheating is bad, m’kay?” message LOL    Luckily I’m off Friday & Saturday so I can:

  • Not only get caught up on reading & quizzes but get ahead
  • Do some “Unfuck Your Habitat” – check out their Welcome Packet and Cleaning Checklists. Something about “unfucking” makes more appeals to me than mere cleaning.
  • Do some grocery shopping – see this great post on healthy budget-friendly grocery shopping: UGWBliss: Surviving On A Budget. I love Target and will be trying out the Cartwheel app this Friday when I get paid 🙂
  • Hitting the gym for my weekly training with Awesome Trainer!
  • Work up a weekly schedule so I can study, work, eat, train, and sleep successfully.