Shut Up and Listen, thanks – The Universe

Sometimes you just have to shut up and listen to the Universe. It’s trying to help you – honestly!

Earlier this month a lovely lady in my SummerSlimDown group posted about a recent loss, “My medicine, and my coping mechanism in the face of tragedy has been to take care of my body. It’s the only thing that feels tangible that I can actually DO and feel of use. Sometimes when life sends you horrible truths the only way you can process is by putting your best essence into this life.”  This floored me. Tragedy of all flavors has always shut me down. I stop. I give up. I quit. I abstain.

I didn’t realize I had a choice to not to this.

The above concept has been knocking around in my head. I’ve been “trying on” the idea that I can use my grief, my anger, my frustration to reach my own goals rather than hit a hard stop. It’s completely foreign to me! What a novel concept! That I can continue onward and still be honoring those that have passed. That I can move forward and past the wrongs. That I can succeed and learn from failures.

Then this morning, this pops up on my Facebook feed:

let goFirstly – that picture is freaking adorable!!!  And I had the idea to write down everything I DO control. And then I decided to it “later”. And then I decided I’m going to write this up and do it… now. Like really now. Seriously! Ok, ok, I’m going to do it!

Saying Thank You

Friday was extremely stressful and busy, but ultimately successful. However, it wasn’t until I was telling someone about it that I realized just how lucky and/or blessed I was by the events.

I am extremely grateful for Dunkin Donuts messing up my order and giving me the large pumpkin spice when I only order a small black. And especially grateful for the bank teller that helped me out. She thought outside the box and worked to find a solution.

Some days I’m so far up in my own issues that I can’t see anything but the problems. Glad I was able to step back enough to see and recognize the positive.