PSA – I am not WonderWoman…

Electra Woman, Barb Wire, Black Canary, or even Zatanna 😦

The Good!

  • I have gotten some awesome sleep these last two days.
  • I have stuck with the Beachbody Piyo plan for seven days.
  • I am feeling and seeing improvements already
  • I am eating well.
  • I am back to using MyFitnessPal (user izoralee).
  • Got some sun and fresh air.
  • More flowers and plants are in the ground.
  • I love the colors!
  • My concrete columns are 90% painted.
  • And I have a good idea of how to paint the front screen door.
  • Lovely soaking rain after I planted stuff.
  • Lovely soak for me in the tub – Epson Salt, baking soda, and lavender oil Mmmmmm!

The Bad:

  • Bending, squatting, and moving the columns have aggravated my back. It’s not my sciatica but just above it.
  • I slipped getting out of the tub and wrenched my left knee.
  • Ugh!
  • My lovely lavender smell has been replaced with Ben Gay LOL

Luckily I had the afternoon and now the evening to recover. Back to work tomorrow.

I came this close to ordering a pizza but realized what I wanted was the sauce and cheese. I have those readily available so I’m going to fix myself a little pasta and cook my chicken as planned 🙂

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