Making some strides

Sunday I packed some good choices for my work lunch & snacks, and I avoided both soda and snack machines – WOOT!

On the way home I decided against a fast food hamburger for a delicious meal at home of a sweet potato topped with diced ham and mango salsa followed by a bowl of fresh berries – WOOT!

… and then I fell into a bag of Tostitos and a jar of queso cheese dip. Not so woot LOL

Today I’m packing up some lean ground beef and cooked mixed greens, plus some instant oatmeal, apples & peanut butter.  I’ve got beef jerky and nuts in my desk for snacks.

Downloading “The Diet Cure” to my new tablet so I can re-read. The charts were impossible to read on my Nook. For some reason they laid out the tables vertical so whenever you rotated your Nook, the table would rotate LOL it was frustrating to have to change my settings when I was reading it.

Hopefully the mandatory extra time is done at work so I can get back into the gym.

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