I slept so well last night!

It was actually a treat to wake up refreshed and comfortable. I think it was the combo of heated mattress pad and oscillating fan.

And then I got out of bed…

  • Discovered that UCF did not defer my enrollment to Spring as I had thought.
  • Had to apply for enrollment all over again.
  • Luckily I had money for the fee, and they have all the supporting documents.
  • Worried I won’t get the class I need.
  • Realized during the application process that I have not renewed my tags yet.
  • Sadly I do not have the money for that until Friday.
  • Luckily I’m working mornings on Black Friday so I can get tags renewed after work.
  • If the tag office is open… if not then it will be next week.
  • I’m sitting oddly twisted and causing my hip to ache.
  • I need to get off my ass and get dressed for work.


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