Notes from nutritional seminar video

Notes from nutritional seminar video:
– Nutrition: 1 fist/hand protein, 2 fist carb, 1 fats (liquid at room temp)
– H20: 1/2 body weight, in ounces, plus 20% for Florida humidity plus 20% for activity: 126+25+25=176 ounces

Balance: 1- Oxygen, B vit; 2 – H20; 3 – micro nutrients: enzymes, vitamins, minerals
Nutrition: 4 – macro nutrients: proteins, carbs, fats

3 Hour Rule: allows more absorption of calories & nutrients
As we age, our absorption percentage drops dramatically. To compensate our metabolism slows down so it can absorb more nutrition to keep us alive. Energy is stored as body fat. A “diet” that decreases calories is going to stress the metabolism even further as the body thinks its starving.

A pound fat takes about 3 calories a day to sustain.
A pound of muscle needs approx 50 calories a day to sustain.
More muscle than fat increases metabolism.

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