Steps in the right direction

This morning I was up before the alarm to pull on some workout clothes and roll out my yoga mat. It’s Tuesday morning and I am still feeling the affects of the beach clean up Sunday morning.  My calves and biceps have been cramping nearly constantly, making my knees and elbows ache. Rest and ice isn’t working and I had being so immobile, hence…

I moved through an abbreviated version of the GirlsGoneStrong Dynamic Warm-up. I was really surprised by what my body could do! I then moved on to the “Back in Action: revitalizing sequence to strengthen the back body” from the June 2013 issue of Yoga Journal. And that is where my whimpering began. 

No, seriously. I whimpered during the first pose – Sphinx Pose. My thighs and hips were still so stiff and tender I nearly cried. The only pose I could not do was the Urdhva Dhanurasana or Upward Bow Pose. That seriously sucked! But now I have a measurable point that I can use to gauge my progress.

My plan is to work through this practice sequence until the next Journal arrives. My goal for this week is to cut back, if not out completely, my “afternoon bag of chip & a candy bar” habit. I have to dress for work today and plan on wearing a cute pair of wedge heels (latest Goodwill find!). I’m worried about my calves so throwing comfy flats in my bag to change into later.

Interested in “Keep Brevard Beautiful“? Check out their webpage for scheduled cleanups and other activities.

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