A tarot reading

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The Magician – Reversed

In the Health position
Hidden health; physical and emotional.
Meaning: Be aware of control and manipulation. Power can blind you to what is appropriate. Keep in mind the negative stereotype of The Magician as a charleton or swindler.

Eight of Cups

In the Health position
Visible health; physical and emotional.
Meaning: You have dallied with desires and fancies that kept you distracted from your path, from doing what you know you must. It is time to turn away from this shallow comfort and forge ahead.

King of Swords

In the Attitude position
Hidden mental attitude.
Meaning: Your intelligence is at the core of your persona. You have used it well to create a successful life for yourself and those associated with you. Your wisdom benefits others and you are comfortable sharing your ideas and opinions.

Death – Reversed

In the Attitude position
Visible mental attitude.
Meaning: Be aware of the fear of change, of letting go of outmoded ideas. Fear of change leads to stagnation, which might be longer lasting and more painful than a clean death.

Three of Wands

In the Relationships position
Hidden relationships.
Meaning: You have made a choice and now must wait for the results. Whether you are patient or impatient doesn’t really matter–it will not affect the outcome. It is, though, a good opportunity to learn patience and self-control.

The Sun

In the Relationships position
Visible relationships.
Meaning: The message of The Sun is that of peaceful contentment with the world and its workings. You understand what you can and don’t fret about what you don’t. You understand yourself and your role in the universe, as much as you can anyhow, and you are okay with that, too. Life doesn’t get much better than this.

Four of Cups – Reversed

In the Career position
Hidden career.
Meaning: Be aware the reverse: do not let go of healthy ideals that guide and shape your life for a shabby substitution. You must know the difference between convictions and fantasies.


In the Career position
Visible career.
Meaning: The message of Strength reminds you that you have more strength, power, and courage than you realize. Learn to live easily with these gifts and use them when appropriate.

Two of Swords – Reversed

In the Spirit position
Hidden spiritual path.
Meaning: Be aware of ignoring the situation for too long. Pretending it isn’t there won’t make it go away.

Two of Wands

In the Spirit position
Visible spiritual path.
Meaning: You are at a crossroads. The correct choice is unclear–at least in terms of logic because there are too many unknowns. The Wands are not about logic; they are about inspiration and courage. Follow your gut and move ahead bravely.

Nine of Wands

In the Outcome position
Outcome of the present path.
Meaning: You are caught by a failure unawares. Things did not turn out as you planned and you aren’t sure why. Take time to reflect, to determine what happened and why. Learn from this situation and resume the battle.

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