So yesterday I discovered that someone had rifled through my car. Nothing damaged, nothing taken (that I can determine). Hell, they even left the pennies in the cup holder LOL For some reason they tried to pop the hood. Yes, I checked for any damage there.

I feel so violated! and it feeds my paranoia. Yippee.

Then I get to work to be told that I’ll be working 6 day weeks for the next 5 weeks due to various “Friends & Family” and “Gift With Purchase” promotions going on. I know I’ll be thrilled when I see my paychecks but I’ve worked for salary for long it doesn’t register yet. All I’m seeing is the loss of time off to prep for PreHeat.

To quell my rising panic and anxiety I’m drafting up a schedule for the next few weeks. Somehow organizing my time makes me feel more in control. And control is good 🙂

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