First 2nd Day Off

Not to be too confusing but today (Monday) is the ending of my first days off. Yes, I’m gainfully employed again! WOOT!!! I’m very nearly doing what I love, with a company that has excellent benefits and resources. I just need to get my life schedule figured out and on track. I may work on that this afternoon.

Pre-menapausal  symptoms continue to plague me. I’m noticing some memory lapses, weight gain, cycle all mucked up, and some odd neurological issues (thinking one thing and typing completely different, not typos, just different words).  I’m upping my soy intake to see if that will help. I love edaname and  tofu so this isn’t much of a stretch. My upper tummy bulge, aka the dreaded “Middle Age Spread“, is back with a vengeance! I’m noticing a decline in skin quality as well.

Sadly, my diet has not been too clean during this period of sloth. A strict keto diet isn’t doing a thing for me. To combat this I’m upping my aerobic activity and returning to a eating plan that worked great for me. I lost 60 pounds on the slow-carb diet from ‘The 4-Hour Body” and I’m hoping it will kick-start my losing again. I’ve also picked up a copy of “The 4-Hour Chef“, also by Tim Ferriss.

Onward & Healthier!

2 thoughts on “First 2nd Day Off

  1. Yay on the job (again) and getting back on track. You’re such an inspiration in so many ways. Love you!

    “thinking one thing and typing completely different, not typos, just different words” this is something that I have noticed in myself lately. Let me know if the soy helps (as I munch on Edamame – lol)

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