This week’s Game Plan

I’m doing exactly what I feared would happen – falling into a dark hole of depression and sloth. However, I have had moments of productivity so I’m making a schedule of sorts to keep myself on track:

  1. Out of bed by 8am
  2. Yoga – Cardio – Lifting: Wii Yoga & Cardio and Beautiful Badass program. Maybe throw in some dance dvds as well.
  3. Job Search: EmployFlorida, CareerBuilder, etc
  4. Three hours of cleaning/purging: I’ve got a bunch of clothing for friends set aside, plus I’ve thrown out quite a bit of unusable stuff. Work will focus on two rooms to start. Three hours will be enough to make a small dent but not overwhelm me.
  5. Two hours of creative pursuits: Draw, color, goof around with a collage, fiddle with some beads. Just doing something to get my muse engaged.
  6. One hour focused on blog: either finishing up the dozen posts I’ve not published, writing new ones, or learning/researching aspects of social media.

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