And now I cry

The tears started as soon as I went to bed. I thought I had a handle on this but no. I’m not mad… I’m scared.

4 thoughts on “And now I cry

  1. ****HUGS****You are an awesome, smart, awesome, witty, awesome, caring woman. Oh, and awesome. You will be fine. Go sign up for unemployment. Enjoy a weekend with friends, think about everything else next week. Love you.

  2. Since you posted on my blog about books, I’m going to post on yours about life. Seems fair 😉

    I was laid off from my very first job after college. I LOVED that job, and I was blind-sided when I was laid off. And I cried! Boy, did I cry. So go ahead and get it out. As my very smart therapist told me: YOu can mourn now or mourn later, but make no mistake, mourning will have it’s way.

    On the bright side, I was totally OK when I got laid off. And you will be, too. I floundered for a while and went to terrible interviews, and then I got a freelance gig and made a little money — and then I finally find another full-time job I liked.

    Then, later, I got laid off again from another job. And it was all OK.

    I’m sure it’s totally scary and disappointing and hurtful. And obs, I don’t know you so I should probably shut up, but I wanted to let you know that you’re not alone, and it’ll be OK.

    • Thank you! What has really made the difference this time (this is my 2nd layoff) is all awesome and fabulous people in my life. It was all the people coming up to me at work to express their appreciation, their own shock, their support, and just this outpouring of love that floored me! I cried at not just losing the job, but because I’m gonna miss working with these wonderful people. ::damn, getting a little sniffy right now just thinking of it:: And my friends? they just RAWK! so much immediately and unconditional love and support 🙂

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