Health and Fitness Goals – 2013

Putting my Health and Fitness Goals for 2013 out to the World, Universe and the Internet 🙂

Weight: Current- 242.6, Mini-Goal – 228 by March 15. That’s not an important date but roughly 10 weeks out at 1.5lbs a week.

Fitness: Follow Beautiful Badass strength training program. This will be 3 days of strength training alternating with 3 days of cardio or yoga for endurance and mobility.  I’m tracking via Fitocracy (user name “flbombshell”). I received a Mio Active Heart Rate Monitor for Christmas. I’ve got it set up and will use it to help track my data.

Nutrition: Join me on MyFitnessPal! my user name is “izoralee”. I’ll be following a keto / low-carb eating plan during these 10 weeks. Using the Keto Calculator to determine my macros, I’ll be eating approximately:

1500 kcal Net Calories Consumed
50 g Carbohydrates (13%)
124 g Protein (33%)
89 g Fat (54%)

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