I am so very Thankful…

…for so many things and so many people. I have a lovely quiet peaceful (relatively) life. I have my health. I have a good job. I have family. I have friends. I have a home. I have a Geisha-kitty. I have a comfy pair of dark grey flannel pj bottoms with tiny skull & crossbones. I have a warm pair of slipper socks that look like sock monkeys. I have a clean grey tank top that fits. I have a king size bed with warm sheets and a comfortable eggcrate topper that keeps my back & hips from hurting so much. I have a bathroom full of premier brand products, many of which were gratis. I have the financial means to help out a young girl and senior citizen chosen from the Angel Tree at work. I can keep gas in my car. I can afford to see my dentist and doctor. I can afford my meds that are working on polyp in my sinus cavity. I can keep healthy food in my kitchen. I can keep my lights on and the water flowing. So many wonderful things 🙂

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