Life is so strange

Heading into a seriously busy and stressful week. Plus Geisha is acting strange, I worry she is not feeling well. Plus I need to work out. Plus I need to eat healthy. Plus my phone battery won’t hold much of a charge. Plus I need to get my act together. Trigger major stress!

Deep breath. I can do this. Outfits for work decided on and organized. Healthy food in frig. Clean sheets & pillowcases on bed. Issue of ‘Muscle & Fitness‘ with Batista on cover acquired. Hey, he’s hot! New battery ordered and will be here Wednesday.

The reality is that so much is out of my hands. It’s not so much the situations but how I respond to them. Not react, but respond. I would love to get through Phase 1 of the Beautiful Badass Program in November. It’s a matter of making up my mind and focus.

There is no reason I can’t do it if I just fucking focus.

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