Labor Day To-Do List

To make up for my “Slacker Sunday” I shall kick ass for the next couple of hours and get stuff done!

  • Wash dishes AND put them away
  • Tidy up bathroom
  • Tidy up living room (clear away the remains of my binges)
  • Clean out dead veggies in the frig
  • Make coleslaw
  • Make guac & salsa
  • Cook leftover ground beef
  • Shred remaining mojo chicken off the bone
  • Maybe boil some eggs & pre-cook bacon for quick breakfasts this week
  • NEW – cook pot of green beans
  • NEW – picked out outfit for work tomorrow

UPDATE – Realized my toothache has trans-mutated to an ear ache. My check is actual hurting as well. I’ve got some hot water cooling for the neti pot, then I’ll shower and take meds. I suspect the meds will make me sleepy so I’m getting a little more taken care of so I can be groggy all afternoon.

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