A Brand New Experience

I’m still in shock. I bought bras that were too big. This is so fucking weird!

See, for years I wore a 44DD. Then I put on more weight and could barely squeeze into them. The cups fit, just the band was miserable tight so I bought these nifty bra extenders. Problem? solved!

Then I started working out and eating clean. I went back to wearing my old bras without the extender. Sweet!

Next I realized I was using the inner-most hooks. Hmm. Well, these bras are older and they are stretched out quite a bit. I’ll just buy new ones!

I found some pretty 44DD bras on sale at Walmart today. Score! Did I try them on? Of course not! they are My.Size.Duh.

Get home and eagerly slip into one. Buh? What is wrong with the cups? Why are my boobs so misshaped? Wait! is this one hooked as small as it will go? WTF???

I tried on the one 42DD bra that I bought thinking it would be tight but manageable until I lost more weight. Yeah, no. Oh, the band fits great but the cups? WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO MY BOOBS???

So now I’m living with 42C or D boobs. Just one lonely little C or D. Ok, not so little but you get the idea. I haven’t been a single letter in decades! I’m kinda lost with my extra D. I’ll have to actually try on bras when I return these to figure out what size I am again.

I know I should be happy that my body is changing and that I’ve actually lost mass but… but… but… my epic boobs! ::SOB::


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