Friday Morning

I am still bouncing around, riding that WooHOO wave! I am so happy and delighted with my promotion at work – I just can’t stand myself!

I just chowed down on a power breakfast (I have got to remember to take pics before I dig in!) of Eggland’s Best Eggs, Applegate Farms Sunday Bacon, and Organic Girl Super Greens – nomilicious!

Shortly I’ll be sorting laundry and heading out to do a load or two. Then going to attempt to mow my front lawn. If I can get it down before rain and/or stifling hot humidity then I’ll also try to work on my front porch.

The only other goal for today is sort (put away or package for Goodwill drop-off) all my clean laundry (looks at the existing 3 baskets), and work on sorting my jewelry.

Then I’m going relax, have a cocktail, relax, read, relax, maybe game a bit, relax… and maybe relax.

Tomorrow I’m gonna go for PR’s on my squat, deadlift and overhead press. That’s Personal Record – how much can I lift at least once. Woot!

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