Favorite Things


  • Cheerwine – Gin – Lime Juice – Ice Cubes
  • Starbucks Frappuccino (any flavor) – Whipped Cream Vodka – Crazy Straw

Goody Ouchless Jersey Fabric Headwrap – first headwrap/hairband that works for me! I’ve evidently got a weird shaped head cause even the hairbands with the “grips” just pop off my head. Usually in the most inconvenient times! These stay put and do not squeeze my head.











Gud brand Orange Petalooze Natural Body Lotion! – I picked this up at Target several weeks ago and love it! So incredibly rich and creamy but absorbs quickly. I never have to wipe off my hands like you do with some lotions. The smell is both deep but not over-powering. I hate clingy or prissy smelling stuff. This has a great scent that mellows out and compliments any other scent I use.
Zum Mist Lavender Lemon – The mix of pretty sweet lavender paired with the zippy lemon is perfect for summer! The smell instantly perks me up!

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