Summer Cold ::achoo!::

Ever notice that when you get focused and have a plan that Life throws you like a hundred fucking curveballs? Or maybe it’s just me? Anywho, I had a game plan, a nutritional plan, and a goal… and then I got a summer cold. I’ve been so congested while battling a sore throat and a fever for days! it sucks! I slept most of Tuesday day and half of night. I’ve been up for a few hours now and feeling better except for bouts of vertigo. Not sure what is causing the vertigo, maybe the congestion? I really hope it is not an ear infection ::crosses fingers::

On top of the cold, I have calves of steel. No, seriously! my calves are cramping so bad I am having difficulty walking. I’m hesitant to lift due to the vertigo and cramping. I think I’m going to attempt some cardio, Nothing to over the top but get the blood flowing. I signed up for an activity point challenge on a Fitocracy group so I gotta get myself in gear.

I’ve only got three more workouts for this series then I change things up. I’ll be delving into front squat/push presses, rows, lunges, deadlifts, more squats, more lunges, planks and crunches. Expect a lot of whining. At least until I own it then it will be bragging HeeHee!

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