Glamour – I hate my thighs

I know, I know! Such a stereotypical thing for a woman to say. But it’s true! And frustrating! I have always had good strong sturdy legs. I’ve always been cool with them until now. The problem My problem now is that they are horribly lumpy. As my muscles are developing and tightening up the overlying layer of fat & cellulite is more obvious. I’m not as “filled out” or solid as before – which is a good thing! – but also agonizing. I can fit into my skirts & shorts again but dislike showing my thighs. I love wearing dresses again, but try not to look too closely.

This too shall pass and I’m ridiculous to whine about it. It is just part of the process.

So I’m trying to focus on the positives. Those calves I was complaining about previously? I show them off in capri pants and wrap dresses. I wear sexy heels or wedge sandals. I keep my legs shaved and moisturized. My toenails are funky with chunky blue glitter. My biceps are beginning to peep out of softness of my upper arms. My neck and collarbone is more discernible. I make a point to (usually) look pulled together and not sloppy when I leave the house. My clothing is clean and fits my current shape well. My hair is shiny and red.

It’s all these little things that add up to a positive whole. Why not take pride in the things I do like? It shows that I do care, and that I am making an effort for myself. It presents a more realistic view of who I really am.

And all that really matters is that you are being You.

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