Almost there – home gym!

Holy Cow but I did a lot tonight!  My dining room is 90% converted to a home gym – SQUEEE! Keep in mind that I am a very messy hoarder so cleaning out & up is really something for me. Emotionally and psychologically draining and usually very distressing. Not tonight!

Properly fueled with a yummy iced coffee I sorted piles of clothes & put away the clean stuff; gathered and dispersed to their proper homes office supplies, tools, camping equipment; books were moved to either bedroom, craftroom, or give-away pile; threw away piles of old magazines and papers; swept and swiffered. Then I moved the squat stand, the treadmill, exercise bike and sprint master into the dining room. I’m still playing around the placement but overall I’m happy with it.

So what of that other 10%? It’s a large broken rear projection tv that is frikkin HUGE and HEAVY! I need help but it is also bulky it is hard to maneuver through the house. Next payday I’m buying a set of those forearm fulcrum lift-y things. Those will make getting the tv out to the curb much easier.

Getting ready to make some dinner: mixed greens, yellow grape tomatoes, and ground beef sliders. Dessert will be perfectly ripe peach & raspberries with a little coconut whipped cream. All part of my delicious plan to reach my mini-goal of 243 in a couple of weeks 🙂

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