Sunday! but no monster trucks

Friday wore me the fuck out. Seriously. I was awake for nearly 30 hours and I am just too old for that shit. I had the best time! but it wore me out. So what the heck did I do?

Well, Guest Blogger Liz (psst, go buy her book! you know you’ve got a kid to buy a present for!) and I went on an adventure Friday.

And by “adventure” I mean we sat for 6-7 hours in front of a tattoo shop. Yeah, seriously. A great tattoo artist, Painter, was offering $20 tattoos in honor of Friday the 13th – $13 flash tattoo and $7 tip. Liz and I showed up about 1pm and was literally halfway down the list by that point. And here we thought we were smarties for showing up early. HA! Liz put it best, “it’s like camping out for concert tickets”. We saw some amazing characters and people for sure. They offered up about 9 pages of ’13’ themed flash. Everything from cutesy to hardcore, old school to modern. I even spotted a few girl-skulls with bows and flowers but I decided on a nifty skull with bat wings. I’ve got it center back, just below my neck. Liz originally thought about a lovely spray of 13 stars but ultimately decided on a great little rose just behind her ear. So feminine and elegant!

Saturday wore me the fuck out. Seriously. I slept about 11 hours solid after my adventure on Friday. I had must made plans with CurrentLover to attend a Carnival for a the local roller derby team but I was just zonked. I did some laundry and ran errands then had to just to crash. I “napped” for another 6 hours. Saturday night I just watched tv, goofed around online, and read. I didn’t even do my usual cookup for the week.

Ohmygawd, my bed! I took advantage of’s 4th of July sale and bought myself this incredible foam mattress topper. It’s like 3 inches thick of dense solid foam and feels incredible! I almost hate going to bed because I don’t want to get back up 🙂

New week and back to my goals! drink 64 ounces of water daily, lifting 3 days a week, 3 days of cardio, eat clean as possible.

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