Friday the 13th!!!

Work was pleasant and productive up to the point my sandal broke. I swear the weirdest shit happens to me! I completed one Harvard ManageMentor module and half-way through another. I really could have used these a couple of weeks. I find them very informative and educational.

Anywho, back to today proper. Stopped by home to get another pair of shoes and headed to WalMart. Grabbed the few grocery items I needed and a sturdy aerobic step. This will be better than the step-stool I was using for my ‘step up’ exercises. I managed to pull my quad goofing off with it at home ::rolls eyes:: See above statement regarding weirdest shit.

Guest Blogger Liz and I meeting for lunch then taking advantage of a local tattoo place’s Friday the 13th Special – Woot! $20 Tattoos!

No telling what I’ll end up with 😛

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