Surprisingly not sore

I really thought I’d be sore right now. I lifted last night before work and add a smidge of weight to my squats and bent over rows. I figured as my day wore on that I would be feeling it. Not really. I even plowed through my full three sets of step-ups! This is awesome!

But it also means that I may wake up incredibly stiff and sore tonight. Pay back is hell 😛

I’m also really hungry! I don’t usually eat this time of day but I had a hard boiled egg and some multi-grain crackers about 2 hours ago. I’ve caught myself browsing the kitchen twice. Geesh! I’m headed to bed shortly so a small handful of pistachios will do me. I think I’m still under calories too ::head desk::

Anywho… Friday plans! Try installing a new flow value on my washer. Run some errands. If weather permits, I’d like another couple of hours on the beach. A local tattoo parlor is offering $20 tattoos in honor of Friday the 13th. I’m thinking a spot of color might be fun! It’s Friday Fest downtown at night. I might hit the gym. So many possibilities!

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