Quality time with…

My tweezers! Betcha didn’t expect that! I either made the awesomely excellent decision or the incredibly stupid decision, depending on your experience, to buy a magnifying mirror. I did some serious renovations to my brows and cleaned up my chin.

Brows My brows are a tad skimpy from years of over plucking but they were still so weirdly shaped. I poked around on Tumblr looking at eyebrows and tutorials for inspiration. I like a more retro pinup style arch, similar to this tutorial. I plucked the wild hairs first. Used a brow brush to brush the hairs upward to see the actual shape of the brow. I noticed that as I’m losing weight my brow line is becoming more pronounced. I plucked a lot from the underside by my nose. I still have a bit of a shadow but it also opens up my eyes more. I used a couple of eye shadows from the ELF Little Black Beauty Book to define and fill in using a small stiff angled brush.  I’m actually happy with them! Yay!

Chin Have you read Guest Blogger Liz’s post on this yet? Like Liz, my chin isn’t furry or anything. Just every now and then I get these damn random thick hairs. Some of them are grey (bleh!) and some of them are dark (what?!?). Regardless they gotta go. This is when you need some good tweezers. Not that pair you picked up at the flea market but spend some cash on a good pair. You’ll thank yourself. You’ll also get a great neck stretch from twisting your head this way & that trying to spot those little suckers! Don’t get completely paranoid! you are supposed to have a bit of hair but no need to for a goatee (unless that’s your goal). Just get the oddballs and you’ll be fine.

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