Bad Week

Argghh! Rough week!

1) Work stresses (which is working itself out to the positive).

2) Hard drive on my laptop died! Only 10 months old and out of warranty ::sob:: But I’ve got a new one ordered from and it will be here middle of next week.

3) Bad roof leak in my bedroom. More than likely its waterfr pooling due to branches laying on my flat roof. So, as CL put it, we’ll “be getting all Shawshank up on that” LOL

So some pretty crappy stuff but all will get resolved. Thank Goddess for my Android phone & Nook! They keep my digitial addiction in check LOL Hey! If you miss a day of Reddit you miss Everything! ::snicker::

But all is not horrible! I’ve been experimenting with Chaos&Pain’s Apex Predator Diet – Fat As Fuck (i think thats the name) and have lost 6lbs in 6 days. I’m going for another week to keep the momentum & get my metabolism roaring.

Ok, chores to be done, Lost Girl and Hatfield&McCoys on the dvr, then roof & yardwork when its daylight.

Bombshell Powers Activate!

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