Monday 5/28 workout

So going into my workout my back (lower and mid) was aching, and my thighs were pretty sore. I’m getting over my fear of lifting while hurting. I know that I’ll feel better once I lift. I know I can recover from any injury. Eventually. It’s like I was saying earlier – women are taught to fear pain and discomfort. You just have to push past all that especially when you know just how good the payoff will be.

PT stretches – Oddly tonight it was my right hip & thigh that were tight

RX Warm-up – actually twisted my ankle during the side to side squats (can’t remember the name of the move) but it did not bother me at all during rest of the workout

Deadlifts – 2 x 12 x 30 a little light. I think I could have managed a little more weight

Should Press  – 2 x 12 x 30 I was feeling these in the 2nd set

Pullover  – 2 x 12 x 10

Static Lunges  – 2 x 12  I substituted split squats instead of lunges to help focus on balance, hinging my hip, and taking some pressure off my left knee. My thighs and butt were burning!

Crunches – 2 x 10 x 10 a nice break from the split squats

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