Shit Someone Should Have Told Me! Guest Blogger Liz!

I always kinda feel like Kermit the Frog when I introduce Guest Blogger Liz. I get excited and flail around wildly.

What’s up with chin hairs? I guess I first noticed them about age 45 or so. I used to see little old ladies with them sticking way out like a nanny goat and wonder..why doesn’t anyone tell them? Are they really that clueless? Then it happened to me. No one told me about it either. You better believe I tell every young woman I know. And I scare the heck out of them too! Nah, not really. But seriously, I can pull those little suckers out only to have the next one grow in right behind the one I just yanked! And, when they come back, they are like little wires. When it’s time for you to pluck yours, make sure you are careful to only get the one or two you are after. Because you can miss and get the little hair next to it, then it becomes the little wire. Soon it seems like you’re growing a full beard!

I find myself diligently checking every couple days with my 10x magnifying mirror and my good tweezers nearby. My teenaged son knows these are like gold and not to touch or move them, hence they get lost. And, inevitably, no matter how strong the mirror, or how good the light, you always miss one. And, inevitably, you always find that one you missed at the most inopportune time…usually when you don’t have your golden tweezers.

So, in the past several years of dealing with this, I find I have a slight obsession with the process of removal of the nasty little buggers. It’s gotten to the point where I sit and wait for them. I have my mirror in hand and my tweezers on deck. Sometimes if I’m lucky, I can see the little spot before it comes through the skin and squeeze it out. When this happens I am triumphant! Beat the little sucker to the punch! Drawback: After doing this successfully a few times, I have what appears to be a little road map of the Aleutian Islands on my chin in the form of red spots. So, if you choose this option..make sure you don’t have to go anywhere for a while.

So, unti I win the lottery or find a sugar daddy, I will use my proven method..the Poor Woman’s Electrolysis! Until next time…..~liz

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