Stuffed with Spam!

Stuffed but no Spam. I am full from lunch. And I only document this so I can focus on the fact that I am indeed full. I’m a compulsive eater. I have the worst hand-to-mouth-disease ever! So I’m making myself acknowledge that I am quite full from my lunch of thick cut pork chop, maybe a 1/2 cup of new potates (boiled then lightly fried with an onion), and 1/2 cup of fresh crispy steamed green beans. Dessert was a greek yogurt with strawberries which I shouldn’t have eaten cause I was full then too. I then topped all that off with a handful of this yummy trail mix (gotta look at the package when I get home so I can log it in MyFitnessPal).

So yeah, I’m sitting here a bit uncomfortable with how full I am… and debating a bag of chips and/or a candy bar. I am resisting cause I’m so fucking full! I am. I am. I am. I am…

Bring on the Spam! Lord knows what this was supposed to have actually said before they ran it through a translator! This season is suppress in beijing escort , I would still like to play ball again, this is my idea. This is a steady function, we will look at my body to abscond beijing massage well-wishing of reaction. “Beijing escort” and “beijing massage” were hyperlinks to a similarly titled url. I can kinda get the gist but still… no points for originality. Tsk tsk!



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