Sunday 5/20

So shortly after I posted on how awesome I was feeling I was hit by some serious DOMS. That’s Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. I was hauling camping gear stored on my front porch to a shed on the back of my property. It was just a lot of repetitive lifting and walking, and ducking under low hanging branches. I completed what I wanted to do and dropped on the couch to cool down. That’s when all my muscles decided to scream at me.

I took it easy the rest of the day since my lower back joined into the choir. I did put together a piece of furniture I bought Friday at Ikea. Did some cleaning & chores. Cooked some pork chops with green beans & potatoes. Putzed around online. Dyed my hair a dark brown with red tones. Just ones of those lazy kick back days/nights.

I did however get focused and worked on solidifying my goal of building a better bombshell.

  • Diet: Frig is full of good veggies and meat. Lifting days I’m eating to goal (1400 calories). Non-lifting days I’m shooting for deficit of 300-400 calories. Meals will be protein,  a dark green veggie (spinach or kale), and at least one other veggie. Trying to limit my snacking as that’s my weakness and I get off track. Snacks will be small portions of healthy nuts, yogurt, or piece of fruit.
  • Lifting: Keeping to my NROLFW routine. It’s just enough to push me and show results. I like that I’m actually learning proper form.
  • Life: For a so-called bombshell I’m a sloppy dresser. I’ve gotten complacent with working overnights. I can get away with jeans or yoga pants, and a tee shirt. Occasionally I do go into the office during the day and obviously need to look like a professional. My goal is to start making more of an effort in and out of work. To start with I bought a couple summer frocks. Do not get me started on trying find something cool but not too young, and absolutely not frumpy! Banished the grey in my hair. And taking more time with my makeup. It’s not enough that the girly bits are covered, I want to look cute, cool, and attractive all the time.

My goal for this week: log all meals for the next 7 days; lift 3 day a week; stretch every day; wear all three of my new dresses to work.

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