This is why I lift

Yesterday should have killed me. I should be stretched out on the couch, whimpering and near tears. My back, hip, knee, and feet should be in agony.


Yesterday if felt like I was either sitting in the car driving or walking forever! These two activities usually incapacitate me the next day. Normally my lower back cramps and spasms. This would cause my gate to distort and aggravate my hip bursa. This in turn would lead to thigh cramping and my knee locking up.

In other words – lots and lots of pain.


I slept a serious and awesome 6 hours. Bounced out of bed full of energy, feeling GOOD, and ready to something! I easily unloaded a 7×10 rug, the canopy, and two big boxes from the car without breaking a sweat. Or crying in pain. The heaviest item was 35lbs and bulky. Didn’t break a sweat.

This is just so amazing to me! I’ve got biceps! My thighs and my calves keep my back from aching! I’m getting ready to haul the rest of the camping gear back to the shed, then rearrange my living room so I can put down the rug.

This is why I’m lifting and getting myself strong and healthy – I like living 🙂

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