Much needed mini-vacation

::happy sigh::

I’m burning up some vacation time this week. I had planned on doing major yard work but the weather had other ideas. We’ve had some much needed hard rain the last couple of days so I cannot mow. Oh darn.

Instead I’m going to get down palm fronds hauled out to the curb and generally tidy up the yard. My mom is loaning me her “gator jaws”, this nifty cross between a mini-chain saw and heavy duty shrub loppers. That is about the only thing that will chomp through my lemon grass.

Last night I started sorting through my jewelry. I found a tiny bracelet a relative from England gave me when I was about 8 or 9 years old. I think I’ll take it to have a bit of gold chain added to I can wear it. I also found a couple of my real gold bracelets.

This is a bit of bittersweet-ness... I stopped wearing them because I gotten so fat they no longer fit. I had literally put them out of sight so I wouldn’t be reminded of how much I had gained. Like I didn’t know???

I had a moment last night when I pulled them out and wrapped them around my wrist – and latched the clasp! Woot! they fit!

In fact, a couple of my other bracelets are too big! Hmm, I may use the extra links on my English bracelet. That would be kinda nifty.

Back to today… I’ll work in the yard a bit, vacuum and mop my floors, do dishes, scrub my toilet, finish sorting my jewelry, etc. Planning to see The Raven this afternoon with my Bestie.

Tomorrow I’m spending the day with CurrentLover. We’re going to hit the Outlet malls in Orlando and have dinner at Texas De Brazil. I expect I’ll crash as soon as I’m home!

Ok, coffee and breakfast consumed. Time to get sweaty and dirty!

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