So Much In My Brain!

I have got so many topics and thoughts rattling around in my brain and I just can’t get them out fast enough! Life has been incredibly hectic and busy this last week. It’s been work stuff mostly – meetings, training, having to be a tough boss, etc. The meetings and training mean I have to fuck up my sleep schedule by going into work during the daytime. I’ve been sleeping in 3 – 4 hour segments which do nothing in terms of rest.

Next week I’m taking some time off for a long weekend. I hope to work on some projects around the house.

  • Sort through clothing – store, donate, give-away
  • Refinish old microwave cart, use as bedside table
  • Clear bedroom floor
  • Finish laying flooring in bedroom
  • Camping gear back in shed
  • Haul yard debris to curb
  • Trim lemongrass and bushes
  • Mow yard
  • Weed eat front walk
  • Look at pump, determine if can add a spigot like these guys (mine isn’t leaking like that one but once did & was capped)
  • Move yard blocks to back yard
  • Clean up patio furniture
  • Fix gate

I also have to keep focused on diet and fitness. I’m back-sliding at work, chowing down on candy bars and chips. It’s purely an emotional response to stress.

Part of getting the yard tidied up is set up a area for a weight bench & rack out under the trees. I just don’t have room here in the house and my “beloved” Planet Fitness is sorely lacking in free weight equipment. That reminds me, I need to hit the tanning booth soon. My idea is to have my treadmill and yoga mat in the dining room and weights outside.

Next month I’m burning up some more vacation time and will be paining my living room & dining room.




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