Review of items purchased from Natural Zing

  • Gone Nuts! Rosemary Garlic Pistachios & Almonds
    • My favorite so far! Very fresh rosemary aroma and taste, garlic after bite. I taste something hot & spicy also. They are raw, vegan, gluten-free, no trans fat, no GMOs. Tiny crunchy pistachio bits mixed with larger sprouted almonds.  Very satisfying even after just a few. Got the crunch factor too!
  • Gone Nuts! Maple Mesquite Flour Candied Walnuts
    • First taste was kinda bland. Just didn’t wow me like the Rosemary Garlic did. Even tried with fresh berries, which was a nice counter point in texture, but still not awesome. I’m bummed because I love walnuts. I think I might mix these in some frozen banana “soft serve”.  I think the soft mesquite flavor may work well with the sweet-tart green banana.
  • Pure Wraps Raw Coconut Wraps – Plain and Curry
    • I’ve been curious about these since reading I have to admit I was skittish about the curry flavor but took the plunge. It is, after all, my Year Of Living Uncomfortably (but more about that later).  These wraps are made from raw coconut and should not be refrigerated or frozen. I can see keeping a packet in my desk drawer for lunches. I got a great whiff of curry when I opened up the (obviously) curry flavor but the taste was subtle and not at all overwhelming. They are soft enough to wrap around lettuce, bacon, and diced egg. Sturdy enough to hold up the mayo and salsa. Not once was there any structural fail. Tomorrow’s lunch will be a Plain wrap filled with chicken salad.
  • Cacao Nibs Sweetened, Raw Organic Indonesian
    • Just grabbed a quick bite before I headed off to work. Very rich and flavorful! I have a couple of recipes pinned to use these. I bet they will be awesome mixed in with the Rosemary & Garlic Gone Nuts or with the aforementioned faux ice cream.

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