WOOT! first post from awesome author Liz! Liz will be contributing to what I like to call “Shit Someone Should Have Told Me”. Liz recent had her first children’s book published, Pete-O Burrito and the Lucky Stripes.

Very recently I was approached by a friend and asked if I would be interested in writing something for her Blog. “Frog?” I asked. “No, Blog” she said. “Smog?” I asked. “The Troggs? Dog?” “No” she said again calmly. “Blog. B*L*O*G.” “What the heck is a blog? ” I asked. Well, it wasn’t quite like that, but I still had no clue. So she told me that I get to write stuff. I stopped her right there and said to count me in.

So, here I sit, pen in hand-and blank of mind. No, not writer’s block: Senioritis! This is my 50th birthday. I guess I enjoyed my first 49 so much I thought I’d go for it again. Kinda like when Mother Nature gives you a good first kid to trick you into having another one. Ha!

In trying to figure out what to write about, I decided to start with this: My Bucket List. That’s right, ladies, I have one and I encourage you to start one also. Add cool things, things you may think of as unattainable and some fun stuff too. For instance, one of things on my list is to have a case of toilet paper shipped to my house. Why not? I may even expedite the shipping if it’s a dire emergency!

I started creating my own bucket list about a year ago. Since then, I have added to it and subtracted from it.

  • New Orleans for Mardi Gras: Check
  • Become a Published Author: Check (more about this in a later blog)
  • Dye my hair Veronica Lodge Blue: Check

Get the picture?

I realized well into my 40s that there are not too many people knocking my door down to accompany me, placate me or entertain me. Believe me..I checked. So, I decided I’d better do it myself. And you know what? It’s not so bad after all.

As women in our “sophisticated” years, we have been stuck between chivalry and women’s lib without the foggiest idea of which way to go. So, instead of leaning one way or the other, I’m going straight ahead-full steam- three sheets to the wind (oops..that’s something else)- balls to the wall (that’s another story too) Shotgun seat is open..would love to have you along for the ride!

See you next time!

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