Sunday 4/29

Saturday night, after CurrentLover left, I made use of my excess energy to roast a couple pans of broccoli&garlic and cumin carrots. I threw a steak on the cast iron grill pan for good measure. Enjoyed a bottle of “Black & Tan” when it was done.

I slept something like 10 hours. WTF? I guess my body was recovering and needed it. Still dealing with allergies. Aware of hip but not exactly “pain”.

As an absolutely unrelated sidenote: I love Love LOVE my wireless printer.

Still trying to figure out when to log my food on MyFitnessPal (MFP). Is it the actual day I wake up? or the day that I’m mostly awake during? For example: Say I woke up at 6:00 PM on Sunday and broke my fast at that time. I ate lunch at 11:00PM and then dinner about 5:00AM on Monday. Do I log this on Sunday or Monday? Or do I log it on the actual day I ate the food? Think I’m gonna try logging on the actual day I eat.

It might look odd as I eat less on non-lifting days then I get little messages from the system that I’m not eating enough calories. Then it fusses at me when I go over my calories on lifting days. Damn program ::snicker::

Speaking of diet… I’m not. Dieting that is. What I am doing is eating healthy and practical. I eat mostly meats and veggies. The meats are a mix of lean and bone-in fatty. I’ve been throwing beef cross-shanks into the crock pot with a bunch of veggies and cooking up batches of bone broth. Great when my allergies get me down and draggy!

As for calories, MFP recommends 1400 per day. I’m trying to eat roughly 1100 on non-lifting days and hit target when I do lift. Again, this is where working over the midnight event horizon fucks me over. I lift when I wake up so I eat “big” afterwards. Then the next day eat light. I lost 5 lbs last week so hopefully can maintain a consistent loss pattern.

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